Marineland Premium Algae Wafer Bag, 3.5oz

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Marineland Premium Algae Wafer Bag, 3.5oz

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MARINELAND PREMIUM ALGAE WAFERS with ZUCCHINI Highly nutritious, sinking wafer for superior growth and clear water. These extra-large (16-19mm diameter) wafers, are suitable for many substrate grazers, and are particularly crafted for veggie-loving plecostomus cat fish. Exactingly calculated natural supplements support long-term fish health. Made with fiber rich cellulose Expert Nutrition ń Specially formulated for superior growth, water clarity and color enhancement: Superior Growth: significantly better, healthy growth than leading flakes Superior Water Clarity: more efficient food means less waste in the aquarium. Less dust means less waste in the can and the aquarium. Color Enhancing Ingredients:†Shrimp, Spirulina and Canthaxanthin.

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